Set up in 1983 and headquartered in the first town of capital market in Zhejiang province-Diankou town, Zhuji city, Zhejiang province, Fengye Holding Group grasps the history opportunities brought by the reform and opening up and the rapid economic development and steadily develops into a large private enterprise group specializing in municipal plastic pipeline industry, municipal building industry, plastic wood new materials industry and investment management industry from a small local private enterprise, with registered capital of 120,000,000 Yuan and total assets of nearly 4.5 billion Yuan.

Fengye Holding Group consists of Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guizhou production bases and includes nine independent legal entities, namely, Zhejiang Zhongyuan Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Zhongtian Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd, Guizhou Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Fengye Construction Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Timco Science&Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Import&Export Co., Ltd of Fengye Holding Group and Zhejiang Timco Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The company is identified as the large PE pipe production and construction base, national key high-tech enterprise and "A batch of five" provincial key and major enterprise by the state Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Technology and the Provincial Economy and Trade Committee and it is one of the main units drafting PE pipe national standards. Ф1600mm PE water supply pipe andФ3200 PE drainage pipe produced by the company are the largest in Asia and theiroverall performances lie in international advanced level. Its HDPE pipe & fitting project is identified as "National key technical transformation ‘Two high one excellent' project", "Construction technology achievement promotion project", "National torch plan project" and "Provincial high-tech industrialization project" by the state Economy and Trade Committee, Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Technology and the provincial Department of Technology. The company establishes a national laboratory and a provincial new pipe high-tech research&development center, has long-term close partnership with Beijing Industry University, Zhejiang University and China Building Material Institute and possesses stronger capability to develop new technologies and new products.

With 30 years of ups and downs and 30 years of hard endeavor, taking capital as the linkage and market as the carrier, and relying on technology, Fengye people give full play to its industrialization advantage, specializes in plastic pipe industry, implements brand strategy, scale-expanding strategy and "high, new and edge" product development strategy and realizes product diversification and enterprise internationalization.