Fengye Holding Group -Construction Industry

In orderto realize enterprise transformation and upgrading, improve market competition and build Fengye century brand, based on its major industry, the group expands the related upstream and downstream industries and develops from product to industry. In 2003, it made the full investment and set up Zhejiang Fengye Construction Co., Ltd. Over more than ten years, Zhejiang Fengye Construction Co., Ltd has gotten significant development and become one of leading industries of the company.

Zhejiang Fengye Construction Co., Ltd. has qualifications of Level 1 Municipal Public Works General Construction Contract, Level 2 Housing Building Engineering General Construction Contract, Level 2 Building Decoration Engineering Specialized Contract, Level 3 Steel Structure Engineering Specialized Contract and Level 3 Road Lighting Engineering Specialized Contract. Being a member of Zhejiang Municipal Engineering Association and an executive member of Zhuji Municipal EngineeringAssociation, it undertakes construction of projects including municipal road, bridge, sewage treatment, water supply&drainage and fuel pipeline and house building. In recent years, the company constantly introduces professional technicians, widely expands business channels, and stresses on construction quality and enterprise reputation; it has good enterprise employee quality, advanced construction machinery equipment, complete testing instruments and complete&rigorous quality control system, and obtains quite a few good titles such as "construction unit", "design unit" and "supervising unit".

Fengye has become a new popular unit in municipal construction industry.

Zhejiang Fengye Construction Co.,Ltd

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